Sven Jablonski, founder of ClicknBee

How to wire a bee frame? Wireless or foundationless? How to install wax foundation or plastic foundation? When should I replace my bee frames? What is the best way to clean bee frames? Are you familiar with those questions? I am.

There are so many beekeeping Youtube videos on how to wire bee frame or clean them. Some are using just hands and 3 mm wires, another uses special bee frame assembly jig. Some of them goes foundationless or uses just starter strip. 

All of them are educational and good and they teach you how to assembly or wire a bee frame and put the foundation as they do or as they think that is fastest or better. BUT IT STILL TAKES 3-5 min per frame!!!!!!!

Well what if I tell you that you can set your bee frame in order with just a 10 sec.... And in order I mean hive frames with properly fixed beeswax foundation....

It seems fairy tale, but clicknbee bee frame is that fairy tale in real life. 

Clicknbee bee frame is patented technological method in witch the wax foundation is placed between the two half's of the bee frame. Click it with clamp on the both sides and that's it.

It is easy to set up, no need for any special tools or bee frame assembly machine or wire assembly jig or wire heater or special knowledge. You can do it with your family and onsite in the bee yard.

Bee smart and preorder now.

Not convinced?