Beekeeping and plastic

Quite a lot beekeepers are using plastic supplies in beekeeping. US Department of Agriculture is calling up for taking more serious attitude of saving bees and bees are considered being the most important living been in the world. How those things mach?

I don't believe in plastic. Beekeeping is considered to be one of the most important value-added and planet saving thing and using plastic is....well I have my doubts. I haven't use any acorn bee frame, I'm sure that the products they make is made of food excepted plastic, but plastic is plastic... Sorry.

Don't get me wrong- I have tried plastic foundation but is it worth money and time? My bees didn’t except it. Because of my mistake of course- I did not know that I have to tip it to the wax. And cleaning the frames? Maybe it is my fault but I managed to melt some of them while melting the old wax comb. And cleaning them by hand...well. It seems that I don't know how. The amount of time you must but in is enormous for me.

There must be another way for beekeeping...

Yes, the wooden bee and hive frames with natural wax foundation. But with traditional bee frames the issue of cleaning them remains. Some of you has a special smelter, but for backyard beekeeper that investment is not smart one. And after melting the wax you have to scrape them by hand, tighten the wire (if using frames with wires) and put another sheet of foundation.

It is unbelievable time-consuming work...

I don't know about you but cleaning and re-wiring and installing the foundation to the frames is one of the boring and negative things in beekeeping. At least for beginning small beekeeper.

What if you can use easy to clean wooden ecological bee frames that is easy to use, quick to set up and don't need any special bee frame assembly jigs or knowledge....

ClicknBee is 100% wooden, already assembled bee frame with easy to clean opportunity. Just cut out the old wax comb, open the half-frames and clean with hive tool. Put another beeswax foundation between the half-frames, click the clamps and game is on.

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