Easy bee frame management saves a lot of time!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Click'n'Bee is new easy to use, easy to clean and easy to re-install bee frame.

How to save the only non-renewable resource in beekeeping- TIME?

When I started as a young beekeeper, there was so many questions and learning to do. One of the many was preparation of the bee frames. Countless hours of learning how to clean, re-wire, put the foundation to the frames, store them, keep them in warm place, not to harm them while transporting... And the cost of jigs and the best wire heater...

Few years ago I realized... I am not sorry about the investment of money I put in to prepare my bee frames, but TIME!. The amount of time that I put in was just too huge. Of course I could just buy already prepared frames but what is the cost then? And I still have to clean them and re-wire them and put another foundation every 3-4 years. So what's good about it!!!!

In October 2018 I was laying in the bed with pneumonia and when I finally got my fever down I remember saying to myself "Oh, I have to prepare my bee frames." But then I realized- actually I don't. What if...

What if you do not need wires at all....

So in 2019 I started testing. First prototype was made of plastic. Well...I don't like plastic. I am not an old-fashioned guy, but there is many ethical and practical reasons that I can't use plastic. In April 2019 I made a discovery (using YouTube of course)- what if I put the foundation to the bee frame just using upper crack? Well.. It wasn't working- too many of my frames shattered during handling or extraction. Problem was especially huge when bees weren't fixed the foundation properly to the sides. The middle part of the frame was too weak.

So in may 2019 I tasted my first ClicknBee bee frame and it was SUPER. It worked very well, because wax foundation itself is very strong when supported on the each side. There is some extra work need to be done when using bigger frames that Langstroth deep, put as for Langstroth frames, dadant frames and farrar frames, this patented technological method works perfectly.

I have used it one season. I have sold all my wiring tools and jigs, wire heater. I still have "old" frames inside hives (wintering) and those with nice comb. Those ones I use as long as it possible. Then I remake them if possible.

It takes only 10 sec. You don't need any tools but hive tool. It is unbelievable easy to clean- just cut the old comb put, remove the clamps, open the frames, clean with hive tool, put another sheet of foundation to the frames, close it, put the clamps back on that's it. Even 10 years old child and granny can help you. No need for special rooms- you can set up your frames on site. No risk of damaging the foundation. And most important for me- it is natural, no plastic.

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