ClicknBee new langstroth super beeframe with 100% natural beeswax foundation.


ClicknBee is for you if you:

- want to spend more time with your family or friends - it takes only 5-10 sec to install new faoundation or starter strip and your child and grandmother can help you).

- want to save money - you do not need any other tool but hive tool. No wires, no wire heater, no special jigs, no nothing. You can prepare your beeframes on site.

- want to spend more time on upgrading your bee business - just order fully assembled beeframes and wax foundation from us and let we worry about that.


It is very easy and fast to use and clean. Just put the sheet of wax foundation (make sure that you use right foundation) and click it. Cleaning is easy as well- just cut out the old comb, open the beeframe with your hive tool, scrape the edges, install new wax foundation nad click it.


ClicknBee bee frames are made of wood. Used stainless steel nails and waterproof glue. Clamps are made of stainless steel.


This beeframe has the same dimensions as Langstroth super beeframe.


ClicknBee Langstroth super bee frame with 100% natural beeswax foundation

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    PS! ClicknBee bee frames are using wider foundation. 

    Measures are:

    ClicknBee langstroth deep 446 x 234 mm.

    ClicknBee langstroth super 446 x 158 mm


    New ClicknBee foundation is available 

    1. (ESTONIA)

    2.,116 (ESTONIA)


    ClicknBee Langstroth SUPER wooden frame. No wires, no wasting time. Just lay the foundation to the edges of the frame and CLICK it. Made of high grade pine. Corners are strenghtened with wood. All the peaces are clued and stampled.

    You do not need any special knowledge, practise, tools or machines.

    Metal clamps are special treated to avoid falling off inadvertently during process.

    Min quantity 1 box = 20 frames.

    Beeswax foundation is 100% natural. Be sure that your country allows to import beeswax.


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We are a little group of women and men who share the same value- TIME. Time is the only resource that we cannot afford to lose. And we want to share our passion to time with you.

Be with your family, enjoy yourself and your work.


At this moment only wireless Langstroth  Super frames  are available. 

PS! ClicknBee bee frames are using wider foundation than standard.

Foundation can be purchased and